Day Two

Never will I ever do 30 minutes of high intensity aerobics again. I rather just walk/jog/run/skip/fly for half an hour.
I know I'm lying to myself. It's only day two and I know I'm complaining for no damb reason but
I am so out of shape that it's just sad. What's even worse is that I did it to myself but fudge a pity party. I'm going to attempt to wake up at least two hours before I normally do to take a nice stroll around the block. Might night be tomorrow...but it will be soonish.
I have serious issues with waking up in the morning. My life every morning
And then I realize that I need money to pay my bills and social interaction via the book of face is not acceptable human behavior...

So, day two's motivational video goes to BuzzFeed for reminding me that I'm not the only one in the world with super boobs 

Randomness: I often wonder if I have a brogue and if so, where the crap did it come from. No one else sounds like me in my family, unless I'm mad. Then I sound like Letta Baby; Geechee.
However, I have found that with this accent, I have been able to inveigle others into some pretty weird conversations.


Day 1

On Sunday, I had a meeting with one of my mom's girlfriends that blew my mind. She cut me deep but she did it in a subtle way. I didn't realize what was happening until she was applying the stitches and writing me a prescription.

I won't go into detail about what we talked about but in a nutshell: 

I detoured off the path so many times that I decided that it was much more comfortable just sitting in the grass and watch others accomplish their goals. 
I became placid to the chaos around me. I stopped exercising, stop eating healthy, gained weight, went into a depression, cried everyday....
This was me every day, for a few days that equaled up to about a couple of months. I was pitiful and I thought of myself as pathetic and unworthy. All that crying and stuff; eww. Just thinking of what's to come gives me the collywobbles but I refuse to let this unglodly fear apprehend me and take over my dreams and ambitions.

I have the power and tools needed to change my life. To implement these changes and help me reach these goals, I am on a 100 day challenge; for 100 days I will do the following each and every day:
  1. Increase my vocabulary by 2 words
  2. Read a book, 10 pages or more 
  3. 30 minutes of exercise
  4. Eat between 1,200 and 1,500 calories 
  5. Motivational video

Motivational Video Of The Day:
100 Days with Lakeisha

If she can do it, what the hell is stopping me besides myself?
I don't want to be fat no more so I  decided to walk around the building for lunch today. I did pretty good considering I was wearing slacks. I even have a nice little tan from it :-) I will be delivert from these rolls and when I do reach that goal I will be able to testify that

...Y'all should know by now that I ain't got em all. 


Oh! That's you...or nah?

Remember that girl or guy who you were head over heels for?
That cat that made you feel like you're the only girl/guy in the world. The one you thought was the love of your life; swore up and down that they were your soul mate.
Thought they were the one you could finally take home to Mama n'em. Introduce to all of your friends, even the crazy ones who normally scare folks away. 
You had so much faith, hope, love, trust in this person. 
You were beyond lost in the Matrix. You were in love and you wanted to share the joy you've found with all of your family, friends, co-workers, random passerby, animals, trees, and flowers. You wanna scream it to inanimate objects 


Pull The Wedgie Out Of Your Butt & Just Do It

There is nothing new under the sun.
There is not a problem in this entire world that someone else hasn't already gone through.
What ever it is that you are struggling with, someone else has and or is currently going through it as well.
Someone woke up this morning, looked at their life and said nope, not today.
They decided that they rather not deal with it and said their problems could wait until tomorrow but....


So You're Mad, Now What?

I find the internet to be a very resourceful tool. Information is readily available just by typing in a few keywords or a short phrase followed by the enter key or a click of the mouse and