Day Two

Never will I ever do 30 minutes of high intensity aerobics again. I rather just walk/jog/run/skip/fly for half an hour.
I know I'm lying to myself. It's only day two and I know I'm complaining for no damb reason but
I am so out of shape that it's just sad. What's even worse is that I did it to myself but fudge a pity party. I'm going to attempt to wake up at least two hours before I normally do to take a nice stroll around the block. Might night be tomorrow...but it will be soonish.
I have serious issues with waking up in the morning. My life every morning
And then I realize that I need money to pay my bills and social interaction via the book of face is not acceptable human behavior...

So, day two's motivational video goes to BuzzFeed for reminding me that I'm not the only one in the world with super boobs 

Randomness: I often wonder if I have a brogue and if so, where the crap did it come from. No one else sounds like me in my family, unless I'm mad. Then I sound like Letta Baby; Geechee.
However, I have found that with this accent, I have been able to inveigle others into some pretty weird conversations.