Day 1

On Sunday, I had a meeting with one of my mom's girlfriends that blew my mind. She cut me deep but she did it in a subtle way. I didn't realize what was happening until she was applying the stitches and writing me a prescription.

I won't go into detail about what we talked about but in a nutshell: 

I detoured off the path so many times that I decided that it was much more comfortable just sitting in the grass and watch others accomplish their goals. 
I became placid to the chaos around me. I stopped exercising, stop eating healthy, gained weight, went into a depression, cried everyday....
This was me every day, for a few days that equaled up to about a couple of months. I was pitiful and I thought of myself as pathetic and unworthy. All that crying and stuff; eww. Just thinking of what's to come gives me the collywobbles but I refuse to let this unglodly fear apprehend me and take over my dreams and ambitions.

I have the power and tools needed to change my life. To implement these changes and help me reach these goals, I am on a 100 day challenge; for 100 days I will do the following each and every day:
  1. Increase my vocabulary by 2 words
  2. Read a book, 10 pages or more 
  3. 30 minutes of exercise
  4. Eat between 1,200 and 1,500 calories 
  5. Motivational video

Motivational Video Of The Day:
100 Days with Lakeisha

If she can do it, what the hell is stopping me besides myself?
I don't want to be fat no more so I  decided to walk around the building for lunch today. I did pretty good considering I was wearing slacks. I even have a nice little tan from it :-) I will be delivert from these rolls and when I do reach that goal I will be able to testify that

...Y'all should know by now that I ain't got em all.